No equipment needed

Macobrew Cold Brew Coffee is 67% Less Acidic, has higher Caffeine content and less bitterness than regular coffee !

Macobrew Cold Brew Coffee provides you with the easiest way to enjoy your cold brew !

Let it steep, while you sleep...


What is MacoBrew ?

Imagine a coffee made with twice the grounds and a much longer extraction method. Cold brew coffee that gives you the beautiful flavors of carefully selected Arabica beans, with no bitterness or chemicals and low acidity. Just a natural cup of amazing coffee, able to be enjoyed straight, with your choice of milk, hot or cold over ice.

That’s exactly what Macobrew brings to you – One of the world’s best Arabica beans from Chikmagalur; roasted, grounded and then packed in filter bags specially imported from Germany to last 40 hours of brewing,
to make your brewing experience, as simple as possible !

Our Story

India has the best coffee production in the entire world but most of it is exported every year leaving the domestic population aloof of it. Coffee production has been flourishing in the states of Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu, but not for local consumption. British colonial presence might have made the beans a sizeable export, but Indians themselves have always preferred to enjoy a hot cup of Chai instead.

That is, until now. In the last few years, India's become privy to its own fledgling coffee culture specially amongst the millennial. Sipping local roasts and hanging out at coffeehouses has become a real trend on home soil and Macobrew aims to be a key catalyst in this huge speciality coffee revolution which is brewing at an exponential rate, by promoting the coffee in it's simplest and healthiest form - Cold Brew.

“Macobrew Coffee is characterised by notes of Caramel, Dark Chocolate and Toasted Nuts. Our single origin Arabica beans are hand-picked and roasted by one of the only 25 Coffee-Q-Graders in India, guaranteeing exceptional flavour and quality" 
- Mr. Anand Jodh , Founder

MacoBrew Cold Brew Coffee bags - Pack of 5(Makes 20 glasses)

Macobrew cold brew coffee bags

MORNING FRESHNESS IN A BAG DELIVERED AT YOUR DOORSTEP - Brew your own Cold Brew at home ! Just add 500ML water. No equipment needed ! Free shipping across India. COD available !


" Coffee that wakes you up in the morning without the bitterness of traditional espressos, making it is my new bedtime ritual. Definite recommend "

Dr Zeeshan Mujawar

" A simple an easy to use solution for specialty coffee! The packaging is nice & the taste is just the way you would want ! "

Mithilesh Vazawar, Certified Coffee-Q-Grader and Founder Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters

" Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death and sweet as love, that is what Macobrew is all about !  I found the best way to satisfy my caffeine cravings, go find yours ! "

Dr Sayali Khare

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