Chikamagalur - India's finest coffee !

Are you among the millions of Mother Earth's creation who rises every morning to have a cup of strong coffee? Or are you a business executive who skips lunch, but never missed gulping unlimited coffee cups in the meeting? Well, then this article about Chikamagalur coffee is for YOU !

The birthplace of Indian coffee is Chikamagalur ! In other words, it is the "coffee land of Karnataka". The district, no doubt, has got the same name from its town known as Chikkamagalur or Chikamagalur. When you translate the name in Kannada, you get the meaning as 'the town of the younger daughter". Interested? The first seeds were sown about 350 years ago on the slopes of Baba Budan Giri hills in Chikamagalur and it is a fact, that if you are a coffee lover, you cannot resist the temptation to go to Chikamagalur. You'll find many of the resorts in Chikamagalur among coffee plantations and there is no need for you to go for miles to seek or smell fresh coffee beans.

It is a wonder that Chikamagalur produces both Arabica and Robusta coffee varieties. The Arabica coffee is famous for their delicate flavor and combined with a sharp sweet taste, they are more preferred on the international front. Blessed with plentiful forest and heavy rainfall, Chikamagalur has coffee plantations all around. Some of the best blends of Indian coffee are homegrown here and its taste will satisfy any mochaholic. The Kathlekan estate situated in the Baba Budan mountain range is known for growing 'Dark Forest' a rich blend of single origin coffee producing both Arabica and Robusta beans. Single origin coffees have a uniformity of flavor and richness, one of the the parameters of quality. Situated at an altitude of 3000-3500 feet it is on the periphery of one of the remotest forest.


Arabica Coffee is brewed to a light copper color with a spoonful of sugar at the bottom of the filter. Best to have it as bed coffee. It's exactly what you need if you are camping on the misty mountains of the Western Ghats, a caffeine kick you won't forget !

Vanilla Coffee which is dipped in the coffee decoction to accelerate its humdrum flavors. 

Blended coffee which is brewed with a perfect mix of 90% of Arabica and 10% of Robusta. The beans are painstakingly roasted to exemplary perfection, served with a dash of cinnamon.

Mysore Coffee is moderately strong and extremely aromatic, connoisseurs who prefer their coffee with heavy strains of mint and aromatics herbs must try.


Chikamagalur isn't called 'Coffee Country' for nothing.....