Frequently asked questions - FAQ's

1. What are Macobrew Coffee bags ?

- Macobrew Coffee bags help you brew your cold brew coffee at home without any hassles. The bags contain freshly ground coffee packed in the highest quality filter bags to be soaked in water overnight. Super easy !

2. How many servings of Iced-Coffee does one coffee bag make ?

- Each Macobrew Coffee bag makes 500ML coffee concentrate or 4 glasses of Iced-Coffee. 

3. Can you heat up the concentrate ?

- Yes! Perfectly safe to heat up the concentrate in microwave or any other means to prepare hot coffee with milk. 

4. Can you brew hot coffee with the coffee bags ?

- Yes, definitely! Place the coffee bags in a heat proof container like French Press and pour boiling water gently on the bags. Gently stir the bags until just soaked. Let it brew for a few minutes and discard the bags.

5. How long do I brew for ?

- The recommended size is 14 hours. If you put the coffee bags in water around 6pm in the evening then it should come off next day around 8am just ready for your morning. We do not recommend brewing less than 14 hours as the flavour won't be optimum. If you want a stronger flavour increase the number of brewing hours. But not more than 24 hours as the flavour would have reached the maximum possible in that time. 

6. Will the coffee bag tear apart in water ?

- We source our coffee bags from Germany and are sealed using the best technology available globally. The coffee bags do not tear apart for at least 40 hours, although it is not recommended brewing more than 24 hours. If in any instance it breaks, pour the rest of liquid through a tea strainer. The flavour will be perfectly intact. 

7. What all can I mix the concentrate with ?

- Literally and practically everything. Milk - all kinds and flavours, ice-cream, coconut water, condensed milk, whiskey or any other type for alcoholic cocktails. Check some delicious recipes for you here. 

8. How long does the concentrate stay fresh?

- The concentrate stays fresh in your fridge for weeks. We advise smaller sized container which allows less air to oxidise the coffee to have optimum freshness intact. Macobrew coffee bags allow you to brew in small quantities so everyday is fresh coffee!

9. How old is the coffee and where is it sourced for ?

- We source our coffee from the estates of Chikmagalur in small batches. Our coffee is roasted everyday and packed fresh. 

10. What is cold-brewing ?

- Cold brewing is a process in which coffee is brewed by soaking ground coffee beans in cold water overnight. After steeping overnight the coffee is filtered to separate grounds from the liquid. We made this process easy for you by introducing Macobrew coffee bags.